In case you missed it, DMC's second Meta Championship Series was an invitation-only tournament consisting of top-performing players all-across DMC events. We saw a a lot of several strategies using the brand new cards from the Selection Pack, but ultimately it was

's Adventure Prank-Kids taking the win over 's Adventure Combo deck!

Interview with KisukeZ

How does it feel to win the Meta Championship Series?

I had one of the best experiences of my Yu-Gi-Oh! career as I live in Lebanon which makes it difficult to participate in high level tournaments such as this. Winning this tournament was an unforgettable experience.

What was your approach to this Format?

As most know the Adventure engine is one of the most broken engines in the game right now, and that's why I had to play it. As for the No Side format, I tried to run the best cards the work going first and second along with my once-card-combo deck.

Why did you go with Adventure Prank-Kids?

I played Adventure Prank-Kids in the TCG so I knew as soon as the Adventure engine dropped it would be the best deck, as it does so much from one card while having the protection and board breaking power of the Adventure Engine. The deck also runs Loading... so even if you get bombarded by handtraps you can still end on DPE with ease, which is what happened in the finals.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

The day went pretty smoothly until I got to Rop 4, were I faced my most notable matchups. In the semi-finals I faced my closest match as he was the only player who managed to take a game from me (playing Adventure Dragon Link). It went back and forth but I managed to win it in the end, but my favorite play was in the first game of the final were I saw through my opponents strategy and predicted the set card was Loading... .

Anything you'd like to say about your decklists?

The most controversial part of the deck is definitely Loading... vs Loading... , since you might draw one of them with Loading... in the End Phase. I ended up going with Impermanence because it can be used on my turn, which is great against decks like Virtual World and the mirror match, since on-field effect negation is pretty useless on their turn unless paired with cards like Loading... (not to mention that Loading... is at 2 in Master Duel which is another reason to play Impermanence over Veiler). I also went with 1 Loading... and added 1 Loading... (you can play another name it doesn't matter much) since Rocksies requires you to banish a card from hand. So, if your hand is full of good cards you won't like it and if it's not and you want to draw a card you can grab it from Deck, Rocksies is also weak against Loading... , which I expected some people to run with the release of Floowandereeze and Adventure (not to mention it was already good against the likes of Dragon Link and Drytron). Overall, I'm pretty happy with how the deck performed and I don't think I'll make any changes going further.

Do you have anything else you'd like to say about your Tournament Experience?

I like the change from Two-Deck format to one deck Best-of-3, but I think a Side Deck is necessary as it helps deal with certain matchups, making the experience more balanced and more reliant on strategy. Overall, I had a great time with a lot of fun duels.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you'd like to make?

I would to shoutout my OTS store Multiverse in Lebanon, but most importantly I would like to thank my friend Marwan better known as Frogman Fudo as he helped me build the deck and test for the event.

Winning Decklist:

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