In case you missed it, DMC's first Meta Championship Series was an invitation-only tournament consisting of top-performing players all-across DMC events. We saw a a lot of several unique and interesting strategies, some of which might change the future tournament landscape. In the finals, we had a three-game slugfest between

and , culminating in a vital Loading... allowing Samuel to triumph over Banquet Burn and become the first MCS Champion!

Interview with Samuel

How does it feel to win the first Meta Championship Series?

Absolutely unreal, I went in with zero expectations and still didn't believe I would win until the very last game, it took me a while to process it afterwards

How did you approach this format?

I wanted to have a deck that could go both first and second alongside a deck that could always win going first.

Why did you go with @Ignister and Adamancipator?

The simple answer is that they both fit the bill of what I needed for two-deck Format: @Ignister is a deck that can play a lot of handtraps, OTK and has a turn one board that is good enough to win games, Adamancipator is a very consistent combo deck that ends on a board that is basically impossible to beat. I am also very familiar with both of these decks from my TCG experience, which means I feel really comfortable playing them at high levels.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

Absolutely chaotic day, every single match I played (except my one swiss loss) ended 2-1, so it very much came down to the wire. All matchups I played in Top 32 would probably be worth a mention, but I think the scariest one was in Top 16 against

, where I had to go second into Adamancipator Game 3 with @Ignister and got saved by the fact his hand could not play through a single Loading... . A deck that was also a particular nightmare matchup for me was Drytron, which I think I ended up going 1-4 against.

Anything you'd like to say about your decklists?

I think it's important to mention my lists are very much built around Two-Deck format, mainly the inclusion of Loading... , especially in the Adamancipator list. In a normal situation I would not run it in the deck, but having a guaranteed game going first means I need as many ways as I can to avoid losing to Loading... . In general however, I was really satisfied with how the decks performed this format, I don't think I'd make many changes.

Do you have anything else you'd like to say about your Tournament Experience?

Despite my very open distaste for Two-Deck format, I have to say this week has been crazy for me: Second Place in the Meta Weekly, First Place in the Meme Weekly, and First Place in the MCS. When Master Duel got announced, I made it my own goal to win a major tournament but I never would have thought it would only take three months to get here, let alone be the first to win am MCS, I couldn't have asked for any better.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you'd like to make?

There's so many people I'd have to shoutout, but I think the biggest have to go my good friends

and , they helped me a ton in testing and helping me settle on a deck when I wasn't sure what to play. They believed in me all throughout the run

I also owe one big thank you to everyone in

's discord because they cheered me on for the majority of Top Cut, absolutely amazing friends I am grateful to have, love each and every one of them.

Last but not least, shoutouts to the best team of all, Team Theg.

Winning Decklists:

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